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Beginner Guide to Using WordPress

What is WordPress?

Using WordPress is the easiest way to build your own website or blog. WordPress assists you to create your own website or blog without coding skills.

WordPress stores your site’s content, shows what you assign it to, and has plugins that extend the capabilities of the platform. You don’t need to understand how to code in order to construct a website in WordPress.

What Kind Of Websites Can You Create With WordPress?

WordPress began as a tool to develop blog posts in the early 2000s, but it quickly grew in popularity for much more. By manipulating the WordPress core code to consist of functions specific to your needs, you are able to create any type of website.

With WordPress, you can develop basically any type of website, including:

  • Blog sites
  • Business sites
  • Personal websites
  • eCommerce shops
  • Social Networks
  • Forums
  • Portfolio sites
  • Membership sites
  • Resume sites

Understand WordPress.org vs WordPress.com– What Is The Difference?


WordPress.org, also called self-hosted WordPress, is a free, open-source WordPress software that you can set up on your own web host to develop a website. Hosting businesses often offer a hosted variation of WordPress that comes preinstalled on your web server.


WordPress.com is a paid platform that is powered by WordPress.org. A software application that is excellent for hosting content and ease of use, however, you lose a lot of the flexibility and personalization alternatives.

WordPress owns the largest market share of any content management system (about 43%). Much of this can be attributed to its self-hosting WordPress.org software application that offers total ownership to users. The majority of the time, the self-hosted WordPress option at WordPress.org is what most people discuss when they state “WordPress”.

As a self-hosted, blog publishing tool, all you require to get started with WordPress is to purchase Web Hosting and a domain name. There are many managed WordPress hosting service providers such as Cloudways that you can select from.

Learn more about The History Of WordPress And Who Made It

WordPress is one of the most popular methods to build a quality website. You can develop a blog, eCommerce store, academic website, events website, and more on this platform. It's capable of almost unlimited customization.

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) and blog publishing software application developed for the web. It can be installed on a web server, using PHP and MySQL to release blogs. WordPress started as a concept back in 2003 with the objective of developing friendly material.

Initially, it was just a spin-off of b2 catalog but has since become its own self-sufficient project. This open-source software application continues to progress with enhanced variations added almost every day, moving past a standard blog into a full content management system.

As more individuals contribute to WordPress, it gets more updates and functions. WordPress’ initial starters, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little initially built this product, however, it is now managed by a community of supporters.

Popular Websites That Use WordPress

WordPress is a great user-friendly blogging platform for anyone looking to start a website! It is utilized by people, organizations, and everyone in between. Of course, we use WordPress, the site you’re looking at right now is built on WordPress. Here are some well-known and not so popular entities that utilize WordPress:

What reasons to use WordPress?

WordPress is the leading platform for blogging, with over 43% of all websites utilizing it. It powers popular entities like the White House and Cloudways, but it is accessible to anyone that wishes to create a website.

WordPress is a user-friendly web designing platform that can be used to produce any kind of website including blogs, business websites, or personal websites. Here are a few of the reasons why WordPress is incredible:

WordPress Software Is Open Source Software And It Is Free

One of the biggest advantages of WordPress is that it’s a free, open-source software application. This is a free software application for website creation with immense customization. Nine out of ten blog sites on the internet are built using WordPress which results in 18 billion impressions per month from WordPress-installed websites alone. You will never ever need to pay for access to use WordPress, but be prepared to pay for hosting; competitors like Squarespace charge annually or monthly.

When you have your new WordPress site, you gain access to a plethora of themes and plugins; no requirement to be a developer or learn how to code.

WordPress Is Expandable

The WordPress ecosystem features thousands of plugins and themes. These themes and plugins enable you to achieve any tasks that you need to accomplish. With WordPress, you have the option of over 50,000 free plugins and 5,000 free themes to customize your website or blog. WordPress provides bloggers with an online work environment to allow them to produce quality content. WordPress provides tools, tutorials, plugins, and themes that vary from totally free options to premium additions for those who desire more advanced features.

WordPress Can Be Easily Installed

You can easily install WordPress on your own. However, with a lot of web hosts providing pre-installed WordPress with their packages, installing is easier than ever. You can have a website up and running to match your needs in no time. No requirement to understand programming, building on WordPress is as easy as clicking a few buttons. With WordPress, you don’t need to understand how the software works.

Flexibility Of WordPress

WordPress is a free, template-based CMS that offers you whatever is needed to produce your website. With WordPress, you can easily begin developing your site without any coding

Conclusion: What Is WordPress? It Is The Best CMS Open Source Software To Build A Website

We have talked about some important factors concerning what WordPress is and why it’s essential for your website.

WordPress is one of the most popular methods to build a quality website. You can develop a blog, eCommerce store, academic website, events website, and more on this platform. It’s capable of almost unlimited customization.

In many cases, you can use self-hosted WordPress. Self-hosted WordPress.org can supply you with complete ownership, access to community assistance, and a lot more.


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